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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back to school!!

Her face was the perfect visual description of how I felt about starting school.This was the day of “Meet the Teacher”

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my job, but I LoOoOoVE being with my babies. The end of summer is a hard transition! But its also exciting and NEW and FUN!!



Is it any coincidence that they were the first kids to find the art station??


Needless to say, they were in much brighter spirits at 6:00am the next morning for the first day of school! They both love their teachers!


Here is my classroom! Finally decorated! I used the circle paintings as wallpaper for more color! We are doing the rainbow self-portrait mural for the first week project. I haven't done it in a few years and thought I would bring it back. The mural will be a vibrant colorful display to get the kids excited about art!




Here are a few different hairstyles we went over for the self portraits


My theme for the year is BE INSPIRED!!!


I was inspired by this Vermeer painting to create this wall display. We are the BCE “BISON.” It made for some good conversation about where people get their ideas for art and how I want to base my curriculum around the things that inspire them! The little ones loved fining “whats the same/different about the two artworks!


This box is my new “Good Behavior” positive incentive for Art. Kids get a ticket for following our class agreements and put it in the box for a chance to win the drawing. I will draw one kid from each grade (every two weeks or so..) to get their picture on the wall as a “Featured Artist” and have their favorite piece of art displayed in the “BCE Smartest Artists Gallery” on the wall outside my door! So far so good!!

After nine years of teaching I have tried so many different incentives and the best ones end up being the ones that are the lowest maintenance for me. This doesn’t exactly fall into that category, but I think it will be fun!!


We can’t hang anything from the ceiling, so I laminated the table color signs and just taped them to each table


I hope everyone has a blessed first week back! I love reading all of your blogs with new ideas and seeing into your classrooms for ideas and inspiration!!! ~Natalie~


  1. Okay, your room is fantastic! I never saw anything like that when I was in school and if I had I might not have the resentment I do against teachers and school. I would be/will be thrilled if I find that my girls have a teacher like you.

    Also, your girls are so stinkin' cute.

  2. Kimberly what an amazingly sweet compliment! Coming from a parent that means alot to me. I love being an art teacher because I get to be their teacher for 6 years in a row,and build special bonds with each one while getting to watch them grow and mature! I am sorry that you had some bad experiences with teachers and hope your kids have an awesome teacher this year!

  3. Thanks for you compliments on my bulletin boards, but honestly, yours are fantastic! My sparkle is courtesy of a variety of metallic contact paper that was gifted to me. Yeah, sparkle!

    I'm also not supposed to hang from the ceilings, so I labeled my tables with colors too. But originally I had them taped or stuck to the tables and it just got picked off or got wet and was a mess after a while. SO I cut a circle stencil template with contact paper and spray painted a colored circle on each table. It worked great - they've been there a year without any touch-ups at all!

  4. Your art room looks like so much fun! Kids must be so excited to come to art class there.

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