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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


The third graders talked about character traits and monuments today. We talked about how people are inspired by other people and why. We looked at pictures of monuments, particularly in our community like these awesome president heads!




I asked the kids who inspired them and they started naming teachers in our school!!!…so they drew them on poster board Somehow our principal ended up with one ear and no nose…that will be correctedSmile


Next week they will mix torn toilet paper with glue to make a sticky goop to create a 3d relief for the monuments


One group started today with the PE teacher’s head. I told them to close their eyes and feel their face. What parts stick out? Those are the parts they added the paste to.


I LOVE the texture! Please give me your opinions..should we paint them with colors or with white and gray for shading to teach value?? I am going to glue a dowel to the back and stick it in a white box to stand them when they are finished! Can’t wait to post the finished product!


Ok I just had to share this! My husband found this mushroom in the yard…ummm is it just me or do you see a heart shaped mushroom with a peace sign in the middle?? My husband just kept it because he thought it looked “weird”



  1. Great post about monuments and admiration! Love the pricipal with one ear and missing nose! Too funny! I've never seen the TP glue mixture before-it's true you learn something new everyday and it's cool to boot! I think the white and gray values for shadows are the way to go.....One woman's opinion.

  2. Very cool. I agree with Pat - white and gray! Where are these monument heads located? (Where are you?) How much toilet paper do you go through doing this?


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