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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kinder pumpkins, spider webs, and the lil’est punkin!

Ok for some reason, I have never made jack-o-lanterns with my art classes. Don’t get me wrong, we make LOTS of pumpkins, but never painted them with faces because of the whole Halloween deal, but we did it this year. They were big, beautiful, sparkly, shiny, and probably their favorite project all year! If you’ve noticed from the past few posts, I am sort of going through a phase with the tempera varnish. It just makes the artwork shine! I LOVE it!
can you find my example? The kids drew the pumpkin with a black crayon, and painted the first day. Then outlined with black oil pastels, added leaves, cut out, and glued on the purple paper the next class… AND of COURSE, the varnish which only took five minutes with BIG brushes. They dried quickly and were able to take them home after the second class period.
Don’t you just love that kid that does it completely different, doesn’t follow directions, but it still looks fabulous and is one of your favorites because of it’s out of the box design…that is my little friend who made the pumpkin below…it looks like a wrinkly, glitter covered,version of the nightmare before christmas dude! LOVE it!
second and third grade made crayon resist spider webs with tiny yarn puff spiders! So much fun!
Friday was our Fall Festival, in which every year I get the privilege to paint like 400 faces for three hours straight, don’t even think about a water break because the 50 people in line who have been waiting for over an hour will break into panic filled fits of rage…it’s intense!
Anyways, I got to sneak a few pictures in my classroom of one of my student’s little ten day old punkin brother, Juan Pablo, before the festival! The cutest lil punkin around!! I just love all my students and their families!
could you just eat him or what!! Happy Halloween Everyone!


  1. I always love walking through the hall and seeing all the awesome artwork! Thanks!

  2. how cute these childerns are, So cute and so sweet. I think i should upload it on insta plus.

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