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Friday, November 4, 2011

Zebra’s, Tigers, and Giraffes OH My!!

We have started a number of new projects this week! They are coming along well and I cannot WAIT to post results! These are the fifth grade color wheel zebras. We are studying the analogous “friend” colors!
We are drawing with pencil, and then…
painting with liquid watercolors!
Third and fourth are making Hip Hop animals with neon paint and splatter paint! They have chosen different animals to draw and paint a think black outline, that they will fill in with neon paint and add details like sunglasses, necklaces, tiaras, etc.
I just thought the inverse looked soo cool!!
2nd grade is making giraffes with headphones and they will add song lyrics around the background! This is my original sketch…their drawings look soooooo cute so far!!
headphones2 headphonesgirraffe

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