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Saturday, November 19, 2011

One Point Perspective! and zebra progress!

A few weeks ago, we finished these one point perspective watercolor paintings. The kids did an awesome job. We started with a simple horizon line with an “X” from corner to corner passing through the vanishing point. We looked at different architecture and examined the structure of a tree and the pattern of its branches. Some are cities, some are rural, and all are so very different, I wish I could post them all!
Some kids made a river instead of a street and we looked at pictures of Venice!
We have been busy doing our color wheel zebras and the kids LOVE it! They love mixing the colors and finding new color combinations. We talked about the relationships, analogous, complementary,primary, and secondary colors.


  1. harika olmuşlar.tebrik ediyorum.güzel proje...

  2. I have a question about using liquid watercolors. I use the pan watercolors partly because the kids & I can easily clean out the pan if another color is accidentally added. What about the liquid colors? How do you correct that red brush that gets dipped in the blue container? Or are your students so well-trained that it never happens?

  3. I love the imaginative landscapes of the one point perspectives. The vivid colors are wonderful!

  4. The landscapes are great. I love the variety!!

  5. thank you for the sweet comments! I love projects that allow the students to let their imaginations get really fired up. @NAncie, I LOVE liquid watercolor b/c it is so much more vibrant, but there is that problem with contamination! I just give them the smallest amounts at a time and refill often. They seem to be really good about keeping them clean because I make a big deal about "rinse, rinse, and dry" between each color change. I give them some tissue to dry the brush and they can see on the tissue if it still has color in it.

  6. I love the zebras enough that I'm thinking about doing one myself!

  7. Oh those one point perspectives are great!

    The colors are lovely, the kids must be so proud!

  8. I've had the hardest time coming up with interesting perspective projects but this one is brilliant. Just love 'em all. Can't wait to try this!

  9. These look great! Like the values in the perspective. I think you have converted alot of us from tray watercolor to liquid!

  10. That's pretty smart using a x on the landscapes. They look great!

  11. Could you please tell me what ages/grades completed the perspective drawings?
    Do you think K-3rd graders could do this?
    Thanks! Awesome ideas!

  12. Deep Space Sparkle blog featured your lesson her page, I'd also like to know what grade level you taught the perspective lesson to? my email is if you get a chance to answer! I also struggle teaching it, but you seem to give great instruction how to explain/teach it to the kids!

  13. I really love the zebras - maybe one of my favorites. Ever. Would you be willing to share more details about that project?

  14. Great site. Inspirational no matter what level of art you teach!

  15. I would love to hear more details about the zebra lesson!

  16. I am attempting these awesome zebras in my art class today. I'm so excited. for some reason they have me all intimidated...but today i decided I was way over thinking it and these kids can handle it. I'm excited. Thanks for the inspiration....such a fun way to learn about color. Our whole semester has been on the study of color.

  17. I have been admiring your zebra lesson for a while. If you can share how you bring the idea to life, I would GREATLY appreciate it!

  18. I'd love more details.


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