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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

heART Sculptures

We have finished up our blue dog inspired animals (post to come) and have started working on some works of heART! Students made heart shaped armatures with crumbled paper and masking tape

this student wanted to make an eye ball....when they get inspired you just have to go with it...she said the pupil will be a heart!

they added details with poster board

I was very impressed with how creative they got!!! Each one is so unique

Then we used plast'r craft to cover them

Next week we will use tempera paint to paint them, varnish them with Mod Podge gloss, and add details with gold paint pens!! I will post pics of the finished products next week!!!

 They dry very hard and solid in about an hour


  1. What grade level are these? I thought you'd be using papier-mache when I saw the first pictures. Fun idea to make heart sculptures!

    1. these are 5th grade. The plaster is fun,reeeaaly easy, dried really fast and easy to store because its not gooey and sticky like paper mache

  2. I have a student that would think of something like an eyeball too. Haha! They keep us entertained!

  3. These are pretty cool! I'm not familiar with plaster craft but it looks like a better way to finish the armature rather than papier mache. Have you done this lesson with papier mache before?

    1. THANKS! I really don't like paper mache. Its too messy and it takes too long to dry. The kids were able to make the armature, AND cover with plaster craft in ONE 55 minute class period. It dries SO fast ans is very hard and durable.It actually starts to dry AS they are working but you can still add things to it the next class. It is the exact same stuff they put on your arm when you have to have a cast. The kids can cut it themselves easily with regular scissors and the clean up is quick.It leaves alot of dust but easily swept up. I LOVE it and so do they! I am going to buy another box to make animals!They really got creative with it

  4. Amazing paper heart sculptures. Used Paper should not be out as there are many ways to make them usable again just like the paper mache where it can be turned into different shapes.

    Paper Shredder

  5. I love these! Very adorable and a great way to give the kids experience with something they most likely have never used before!


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