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Monday, December 24, 2012

Making Trees

Today the girls collected a bag of pine cones to make Christmas trees to hand out on Christmas to family members. First we painted them green and added glitter. Forgot to take pictures, it was a bit messy, but we did it outside!

 Then I just mixed up a bucket of plater of paris and plopped a glob for each tree and let my daughter stick the trees in the "snow"

Plaster is so easy to use, just mix water and stir in a disposable container and it dried very quicky! We did it on wax paper. They were dry in about 20 minutes and ready to decorate. The tree sticks right it perfectly! It is inexpensive and dries nicely like snow!

We cut old necklaces to make the ornaments
They glued the ornaments on with Tacky Glue

Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year!!
And a very Merry Christmas!!
...And here's the cutest little 4 day old Santa you have ever seen from my newborn shoot Friday! I don't think you will need to leave him any cookies, he's pretty ridiculously sweet!!!


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  2. Thank you so much for your fabulous blog! I just love scrolling through and smiling at all of the wonderful art work!
    Please accept this gift that was passed on to me of the
    Premio Dardos Award from my blog. I love gaining great ideas from your blog!
    Your blog has been given credit on my artjulz blog at
    Happy Holidays!

  3. These look amazing and I love that you stuck them in plaster to keep them upright! I'll be featuring this on The Crafty Crow soon!

  4. Wow - I LOVE this idea - so simple and fun to do with the kids. We did something similar in autumn/fall but with the leaves. Tell me what you think?

  5. I love this idea and want to share it with my family but that horrid post about boycotting American women shows up instead--- do have your site set up to moderate before posts are allowed to appear as published? My husband's a designer and thought you might want to do that. It keeps the sick and obviously insane posts away. Awesome blog with amazing crafts. Thank you!

    1. I appologise about that awful post!!!! Not sure how that slipped past me!!!

  6. Hey Natalie! I love the simplicity and how you can get children involved in this project! I wanted to let you know that I have featured your blog here: :)

  7. Made those in grade school, back in the 50's 60's can't remember year! They put the plaster in a cup, set pinecone, then removed cup.
    Decorated with beads nice to see this again, never forgot about it. Happy Holidays to All!

  8. Personally I would use sweets such as smarties to stick on the trees so I could eat them after, I mean the kids can eat them after! :) also less likely that little ones would pick them up and try to eat them if they were bits of necklaces or something

  9. So adorable!! You can even paint them in different colors!!

  10. This is such a sweet beautiful craft idea.

  11. Love the idea of using the plaster of paris ! Soooo........ CLEVER !


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