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Sunday, October 20, 2013

2nd and 3rd grade Grunge Tigers!

With 2nd and 3rd grade I wanted to start with something really fun, bold and new. My girls LOVE letting their paint drip and watching it trail along the paper making colorful lines. I decided to do something using this idea!

 I have done neon tigers before but not quite like this.  I let the students choose which animal was their favorite before we started and they chose tigers! We started with viewing lots of images of tigers from books. We talked about and examined the stripe patterns in different kind of tigers. Then we drew them first with black crayon and painted with black paint to make bold dark stripes. 

Students used neon paint and I started my example like this. On top of the nose. I only gave them pink, blue, and yellow (primary colors) I told them to paint a large yellow a stripe across the nose and then a blue one above it, blend in the middle so that all three colors are showing. I made sure to tell them that when they mixed the colors not to cover the original color so that the tiger has many many colors when its done.

I gave them tracers for decorations or they could make their own

Splatter/ dripping stations were set up on one side of each table so they wouldn't splatter paint the people across from them 

They tap the brush with their finger, NOT fling with the wrist/arm!
black tempera was used for drips at the top


  1. I love them!! I can never get my neons to look so neon. I know you told me last time it was crayola brand (I think!?) but do you know exactly what your neons are called? Thanks!!

    1. Aly,
      My favorite neon is Crayola Premier tempera. I used four different tempera and none of them were as good as the crayola stuff! They were too see through and not enough coverage! Can you email me your email address? mine is

  2. These are really fun! I used Sax neons and they are OK if you second coat them, or if you mix with a little white to get pastel neons. But you are right, I think the Crayolas are still the best. Also I discovered if you are painting on paper that is not white (such as using treated brown Kraft paper for Mexican bark paintings), it is good to underpaint the neons with white paint, and then let dry before using the neon. The colors show up so much better.

  3. I love your paintings! Do you have a step by step drawing/painting of the tigers that you did with your students? I would love to be able to try this with my students but I am not the most artistic person.

  4. I was also wondering if you had a step by step explanation of how to draw the tiger. Thanks!!!!

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