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Monday, December 16, 2013

The Grinch Stole Christmas!!!

This week the kids are making a Grinch with a REALLY BIG heart! Students do a draw-along of the Grinch and then write a very sweet note/ or notes to a loved ones to warm his heart!! Then of course we COVER them with glitter!!!

 This weekend I had the privilege to use a very awesome studio with two of my best friends who are also art teachers to throw pottery! It was SO much fun and I got lots of Christmas presents made for all my coffee loving family members!!

My kiddos made these super cute trees and we bought some awesome sparkly green glaze for them! Can not wait to glaze and fire!

We had SO much fun making the Grinch today! Here are the steps we followed for our drawings. 

The kids wrote the SWEETEST things to their families!! 
some of my favorites from today were...

-Grandma, I love you because you always has gum in your purse
-Dad, I love when mom is gone and you take us to get donuts
-Dad, I love you because you make the best chicken!
-Mom-I love how you take care of me when I'm sick even though you might get sick too!
-I love my mom because she is so pretty and smells like a sugar cookie
-Dad- I love when you ask me to help you fix things!

 I made this life size Grinch for our teachers to "Warm the Heart" of the Grinch! There were already several sweet notes on him when I left this afternoon, and I am hopeful we will fill him with lovely sentiments of kindness by the end of the week!

What is everyone out there doing for Christmas projects? Send me some comments love and email me your holiday art pictures. I will post a holiday project collection!!!


  1. You give the best step-by-step tutorials Natalie! These Grinches have so much personality! Love the addition of the notes to their families. Pinning for next year. :)

    1. Thank you, Mary!! I love the bunnies you just posted on your blog of Whimsical Winter animals!! The splatter paint snow is genius, we need to do that on our grinches tomorrow! The Grinch is one of my favorite projects I do with k-5th with almost 100% success because there is a huge margin of error when drawing the Grinch to where it doesn't have to look really close to the draw-a-long to still look like the Grinch!! They ALL looked awesome! Even kinder! We used tempera cakes to paint and they were dry in 5 minutes, so they could take them home.

  2. I did this the last days before break with a few grades THEY LOVED their results. It gave many kids confidence in their ability to learn to draw. . kids who don't celebrate Christmas drew the Cat in the Hat. I did it more as a meet Dr. Seuss and his characters because we have many kids who have varying beliefs/celebrations etc etc. I figured they could choose whatever was best for them. Cat in the Hat looks an awful lot like THE GRINCH!!!


  4. What did you use to make the snowflakes?

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