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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Winter One Day Projects "Nutcrackers" and "Penguins"

Are you in need of some quick and fun Winter One Day projects? Get out your paper,markers,oil pastels, scissors and glue! Here are a few fun projects we have done the past few weeks!

First is the Nutcracker!
Our 4th graders are performing "The Nutcracker" this week and have practiced for months. (they did AWESOME!)
For this project start with a piece of drawing paper cut vertically in half.
Fold the paper into thirds.
The first square will be the head and hat, then the next square is the body and arms.The legs and platform are in the last square. They can be creative and make their own hat or their own nutcracker character.

Students got very creative with their nutcrackers. We added tons of GLITTER when they were done!

This year we are making nutcracker ornaments.
I bought some black and white fur, sequins, and rhinestones. Also sparkly pipe cleaners for the top! 

Ok the next project is penguins! Here are the steps, kids got really creative and added so many fun details and pretty backgrounds. Of course we also covered them with plenty of glitter.

This is our new friend, Dustie. She is an angora bunny and will be visiting the art room as our new class pet soon!!!


  1. i love nutcrackers and penguins, seeing this blog changes my mood for the good! i know you do what you do best and you love it. that's what makes it special and different from other.

  2. Wow.. They are looking real. Thanls for sharing the pattern but i don't think i can design and cut just like you did. I might end up with something funny. But this is a good activity for children in winter vacation.

  3. Hello!
    What kind of marker did you use to outline the nutcracker? Thanks!

  4. Never dress animals to look like toys they are not, they could swallow stuff that could kill. Do not encourage it.


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