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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Animated Gif tutorial (Update)

Update: I have had so many emails about the GIF this week. I have had SO MUCH FUN making animated gifs this week!  Many of you are not familiar or do not have access to photoshop. If you find a great animation App let me know and I will add the links to my next blog post. Also, if you are a blogger, and would like for me to animate a photo of an artwork for you to use on your blog, (depending on how many I get :-) send me a photo of an artwork and I will convert it to an animated gif as my GIFt for you. I am only going to offer this for a few days. Send me a link to your blog too and I will feature your blog with the gif on my blog! 

This is the tutorial I followed to create the animated gifs using photoshop CS4. I would love to know if you have an APP that does something similar. I used the "liquify" tool under "filter" to make the peacock's feathers move. distort your photo with that tool to make something wiggle. I also used the custom shape tool to make the hearts. When making something move I would select it and cut and paste it somewhere, then use the clone tool to fill in the background from where I cut. I played around with it for a while and it's really fun! The possibilities are endless as far as photo manipulation to create different types of animation in photoshop.


  1. OH I see so this is a scan/photo of a drawing! Got it! I will look for an app :)
    Thank you so much for the follow up post!
    ~ Kristin
    This Old Art Room

  2. I found this one online...

  3. Did you do this with the kids or is this something you have done on your own? I would love to try it with my kiddos but am not sure if it would be an overwhelming process for them

    1. I am a photographer so I am very familiar with photoshop. I would be comfortable teaching this to fifth grade, but I do think it would be chalenging. I first read about this on a blog where an elementary class collaborated with a high school class on the project. I think stop motion animation with imovie would be easier than this and a GREAT project for elementary animation.

  4. I also found this great APP for animation

  5. I think this Fish is screaming to be animated...
    Jen @

  6. Since I am new to this entire elementary thing..... I don't have much on my blog, but.... if you should ever see something, at any time, you feel like animating.... you let me know! You are AWESOME Natalie!!!!! Good luck on blog winner too!


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