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Monday, January 6, 2014

Simple Clay Rose Hearts

So, if you read my blog, it is no surprise that I am going to do a project with hearts for Valentine's Day. If you look on the labels on the right side of my blog you can find other "hearts
 blog posts! We also did a clay rose project for Mother's Day last year you check out under "roses" on the label bar to your right! It is definitely my favorite shape! I have been playing around with some ideas and today I figured out a very easy way to make a rose to adorn a heart shaped slab. I have posted clay roses before but this technique is much EASIER for making tiny roses. My daughter who just turned 4 made this today! 

Begin with a coil and pinch the top of the coil from one end to the next. When you pinch the top of the coil, let the clay squeeze out and form a little ripple at the top. 

Slip, score, and use a little extra slip to attach the rose since you cannot press the top or you'll squish it! We used a paintbrush to apply the slip

 You can use a letter stamp to write a sweet note in the middle or personalize it
My daughter was addicted to making roses, and ended up spending 2 1/2 hours making roses and clay hearts!

 She used some old jewelry to stamp the wings, and some stamps for texture in the middle. I added holes at the top for ribbon.
I can't wait to get out all my red and pink and white glazes for these!!


  1. Super cute! Wish I had a way to use clay with my Art Club kids, but no kiln. :(

    1. Have you ever considered using air dry clay? I too suffer from not having a kiln and I love doing clay projects with my students! I've found a good alternative is using Crayola Air Dry Clay. By no means does it take the place of regular clay, but you can use the same techniques and processes with it. AND with the right coloring techniques you can even make it look likes it's glazed!

    2. I bet this technique would work with white Sculpey polymer clay. You can oven bake it and paint with acrylic. I get the 8 lb box at Micheal's with a coupon.

  2. OMGosh....I love these clay roses!!!! I want one for Valentines!!!!

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