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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Dia De Los Muertos Animals

I am so excited about our next project I just had to post it before its finished. Fourth and fifth will be making these skeleton animals as we learn about the culture of Dia De Los Mertos "Day of the Dead."

We will tie it into science by learning the names of major bones in the skeleton. We will learn about why we have bones and what organs each bone protects.

We have done lots of projects for Day of the dead and you can see them if you click the label on the side of my blog.

We will combine the intricate designs of the sugar skull with animals, like these artworks created by various artists below!

For this project, students bring a small plastic or wood animal from home. I painted them black with spray paint first

You can pierce their ears with a tack first to add earrings later to decorate

Let dry outside for several hours

Use white acrylic paint for the bones, and give students photos of the skeleton of their animal to reference
Then add decorations, add color, roses, neon paper, sparkles, etc.

These aren't quite finished, but I will update the blog with photos of all our skeletons when completed! I can't wait! 


  1. This project is PURE brilliance. I absolutely love it!!! Thanks for sharing it!!!

    1. THank you!!!! Your comment totally made my day!

    2. I absolutely love the cats. Is there any way I could purchase them??

  2. What a clever idea. Seriously! You are amazing. I'm doing sugar skulls with my 5th graders and it feels so been-there, done-that boring now! Have fun!

    1. Thanks, Patty, we are having so much fun with this! I have been stalking the Goodwill stores for plastic animals for weeks!!

    2. Patty, my 3rd graders have been doing your rocket ships! I want to link to your blog but it says the webpage is unavailable. Is there a new address?

  3. That is the most amazing lesson ever! I am so doing this with my art club!!!

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