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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Claude Monet's Garden 1st grade

My first graders are studying Claude Monet right now! First we watched a cute video (below) to learn about the artist
Then we drew the garden and the Japanese bridge with oil pastels on watercolor paper.
Students had to use three different shades of green, have lily pads that begin large at the bottom of the page and get smaller as they go up the page. The lilies can be any color, detailed or blobs.

 We used cool colors for the water, plants, and tree reflections. I use liquid watercolors because they are the BEST!!

Before each student takes their paper to the table I swipe the whole paper with a very very wet towel.
 Then they begin with some splotches of turquoise
Then they use blue

Then bits of purple, making sure to leave the top and bottom for the green

Then finally add the green at the top for the trees reflecting on the water and on the bottom for the grass

You can add salt for texture OPTIONAL

 Then finally we use a dark green watercolor marker to add some

Here is the version with salt after it dried. I love how it created a green vignette around the top!

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