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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Dream Catchers

This has been one of the most successful, fun, and easy projects I have ever done with 5th grade! I cannot wait to post the rest at the end of the week after they paint them!! This looks hard but its very easy!! 
You can youtube the history of the dreamcatcher before you start
We are combining radial designs in the form of a dream catcher.

The bad dreams get trapped in the web and the good dreams pass through. 

begin with 6-8 circles using a compass
add a symbol or simple design in each circle. Four beads or gemstones can be woven in to represent the 4 directions; North South East and West

You can make up designs or use symbols that represent you like the first letter of your last name, your zodiac sign, a flower petal, a christian fish, a favorite shape, or even a quote or meaningful word.
Then just repeat the symbol all the way around the circle. you will begin to see new shapes and when parts are filled in, other parts stand out more.

For the feathers you have to look at real feathers and images of feathers. Owl feathers represent wisdom and eagle feathers represent courage.
Begin with a pencil outline of the shape of the feather. The bottom of the feather has downy fuzz and the tip can be round or tapered. 
 then draw small separations angled upwards towards the tip. If they dont sketch the shape first, their feathers will look like Christmas trees.
then outiline with sharpie and erase the pencil line in front of the little separations in the feather.
Encourage kids to draw LARGE feathers and even overlap them

 They can add embellishments too

Add details with construction paper crayons, but dont color in the whole thing. Limit your color pallet to 2-4 colors
Run water over the whole drawing in the sink until completely wet

 Then use liquid watercolor and a large flat brush to drop on color in large sections and drip to blend until completely mud!

Then add salt


  1. These are gorgeous!! They look so complicated but I can see with your explanation really how simple they are. Would you mind sharing what kind of paper you used and the type of pen? I'm thinking Sharpie because it's waterproof? The salt is such wonderful detail to add too.

  2. Then use liquid watercolor and a large flat brush to drop on color in large sections and drip to blend until completely mud!

    5th class result 2016

  3. Ooh I love these! This is on my list of art projects to try. May I ask how many art lessons (and what length) it took to complete them?

    Thanks, Jenny

    Miss Jenny's Classroom

  4. These are Gorgeous! What a Great art lesson!

  5. Fantastic work, I am a really big fan of art so this post really make my day.

    Badhams | painters and decorators

  6. These are BEAUTIFUL! You always have amazing art with your students! Bravo to your 5th grade!

  7. These are just beautiful!! Love!

  8. Fantastic and beautiful tips. I think its really inspire those people/children, who want to start drawing. you may get drawing tips from here.

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  10. This is excellent.. Not just for kids but for adults also, a good home decor piece !! Can we try it with crayons and acrylic colors on wet canvas ?

  11. This is excellent.. Not just for kids but for adults also, a good home decor piece !! Can we try it with crayons and acrylic colors on wet canvas ?

  12. This is wonderful! I will have to try this with my students.

  13. Gorgeous! How do you add the salt?

  14. Gorgeous! How do you add the salt?

  15. How beautiful!!! You have a lovely blog. :)

  16. What brand of liquid watercolor did you use? did the sharpie not bleed?

  17. This is an excellent technique that ends up with a great result for kids... BUT... appropriating other cultures in this way without permission is a significant concern to anyone who cares about indigenous culture and the permission to use it in the classroom... or at least it is in Australia. The misappropriation of cultural practice can be disrespectful unless we do the courtesy of acknowledging the practice directly and approaching those who have the right to allow its use... or not... if they see fit. Just my opinion of course... but just as important a lesson to teach as the art product.

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  20. What kind of paper did you use and what size?

  21. This is a wonderful project. I have to try with my students :)

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