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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Splatter Paint Innitials

This year my goal is to teach the kids the importance of the process and not just the product. We are doing abstract expressionist artwork this month and the kids are having a blast learning about Jackson Pollock and splatter painting! 

We had a professional artist talk to us about abstract expressionist art. Pollock is one of the artist who inspired her work. She talked about several of her pieces and talked to the kids about how they can use art to express their feelings like writing a poem with colors! 
HEre is her website!

First we made the letters of our name with tag board and cut them out. They were able to all participate in a large splatter painting that said something

The next week they painted their own splatter painting with the first letter of their name

We looked very closely at our finished products to find little things! This student made an accidental minion!!

This student found an alien ghost! 




We used oil pastel to accent our names with shapes that express each child's unique interests

 we rolled up strips of tag board into little rolls that we glued behind the letters to make them pop up!

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