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Friday, November 6, 2009

"Art Rocks" Guitars

My theme this year is "Art Rocks" so in order to go along with my theme we created guitars to go along with our study of the color wheel. 2nd and 3rd grade drew guitars and had to color them with oil pastels and illustrate the primary, secondary, and intermediate colors mixing together.
After studying the color wheel for a few weeks we did a color mixing excercise using oil pastels to blend analogus colors from red down the color wheel all the way to red-violet.

Then we looked at electric guitars and talked about the different parts and shapes

When they started their drawings I told them to make the neck of the guitar stop in the middle of the paper so their guitars would fit on the paper. Then I showed them how to make two different body shapes, but they could choose their own body shape or make up their own.

We looked at a real electric guitar and talked about how you can only see one edge at a time from any point of veiw and how to draw the edge so it looks 3D

Then they colored them with oil pastel and drew shapes in the background such as stars and music notes

Second graders splatter painted their backgrounds with neon paint

Third graders created a background by paper weaving and some of them splatter painted too if they finished early

We used 3D O's to stick the stars on so they would pop up off the paper and add a 3D element to the finished product. I also let a few classes add rainbow colored yarn to the strings if they finished early


  1. Really cool project. They did wonderfully!!!

  2. I am trying this project out today with my 3rd graders. I just love they way yours turned out!!!

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