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Friday, November 6, 2009

Fruit Plate Still Lifes

For this project, I bought real fruit and put it on each table on a paper plate. We talked about how to draw the fruit overlapping by starting with the closest fruit first. I told them to reach out their hand and whatever fruit would touch their finger first would be the one to start with. Then, when drawing the next fruit, the line would start on the first fruit even if they weren't really touching. We talked about how everyone's drawings will look different because of point of veiw. We talked about how the plate would start on one fruit and end on another and you wouldn't see a big circle for a plate unless you were drawing the picture while hanging from the ceiling. Then we practiced blending colors from dark to light. I put a lamp on each table and they had to draw little ovals where the "shiney's" (reflections) were. Those were to be colored white. Here are some finished products.

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