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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Student Spotlight!!

One of my AMAZINGLY gifted 5th grade students created this awesome drawing with oil pastels for the the Annual Visual Arts Contest with the Society of Performing Arts Houston.(you can click to enlarge) The theme this year is “The Fabric of our World; What are We Made of” He decided to add this to a series of paintings and this was part two. I think it is beautiful and filled with symbolism!


You might remember my post last year when he painted the part one in his series entitled “Dreaming Awake”

The Theme was “Visualize Your Dreams, Beyond Your Own Cityscape”



you can put any art in a “virtual museum” with


  1. Natalie,
    Thanks for sharing the site. I had a lot of fun putting student's art in "museums!"

    Kate Eshelman
    K-6 Art
    Big Rapids, MI

  2. Wow, a very nice painting! Congrats to the boy!


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