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Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow Day?

Thursday we were informed that school would be cancelled Friday because

of a winter storm. Everyone was excited about the 80% chance of snow! We never get snow in Houston, so that was a BIG deal! It was supposed to snow at night, so could expect to wake up and see the entire street blanketed with 3-5 inches of soft white SNOW! Instead we woke up to lots and lots of ICE! No Snow!What is it like where YOU are right now? I would LOVE to hear about your snow stories!! Has it inspired some great snowy themed art projects?? You can read my family blog about our "No Snow Day" here...


  1. We live in the Adirondacks, and therefore expect a fair amount of snow, but frankly it's been getting a little aggravating. More on top of more on top of more. During the snow day, there was the event I mentioned in my blog: my neighbor across the street who decided to aim his snowblower at my hubby's car, my newly shoveled sidewalk (while I was still there shoveling), and me. Sigh. The neighborhood has changed.
    Then this weekend (Fri nite? Sat nite?) hubby and I were watching tv, the latest dose of snow/sleet/hail was coming down outside, and suddenly there was a BOOM!!! Thunder! At first we thought it was on the TV. But then there was more, and lightning too, the most bizarre thing ever. I don't think I've ever heard thunder in a snowstorm. Strange winter. Today it warmed quite a bit. The snowbanks are still high, and there's ice/slush/water everywhere, and while the main streets are clear the side streets are a mess. And we're supposed to get more something tonight. Thank goodness for warm coats, waterproof boots, and all-wheel-drive vehicles.

  2. WOW!!! That is amazing! I wouldn't even know what to do!! I have only seen it snow two times in my life! Never even made a snowman before! I think skiing and sledding would be so fun, but I cannot imagine daily life in snow. It is beyond my imagination! How do people drive in snow?! Do you have to shovel snow every day? Does there have to be a certain amount of snow to close school? I bet the snow on the trees and houses looks so pretty! I wish we had at least one day of snow! We were wearing shorts and playing volleyball in the backyard the DAY after our "Snow Day"!!

  3. Our winter experience here in the Syracuse, NY area, has been like Phyl's. We had record snowfall in December and it just keeps coming down. We have used 3 of our 4 snow days, 2 for ice. We have had some interesting rides in to work, we just tell our stories pray and hope the children get in safe, and that it will be better going home for everyone.

  4. We have had so many snow days here in East Tennessee that we now have to make some up!! Not fun. 45 minutes extra for 9 days for every day we have to make up.... Oh and it's snowing again!! HHHAAAA.
    But yes! Tons of snowy projects. Snowmen, snow globes and much much more. Check it out.

  5. Wow I cannot imagine living in that climate. We get a few bad weather days here but nothing like that! Although we have missed school for Hurricanes, which is always fun! Especially when NEw Orleans flooded and we got lots and lots and lots of new kids all at once! The more the merrier until you run out of seats in your classroom and do not have enough facilities to accomodate the crowd!


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