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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tea Cup Candles

The past few weeks, my classroom has been buzzing about George Rodrigue and the blue dog! I cannot wait to post all the Blue dog inspired animals they have been painting! I am absolutely in love with the blue dog and dream that some day Mr. George Rodrigue would come visit our school!!!!!

So a few days ago I got the idea to make candles for some gifts. I collect tea cups, so my idea was to put brown wax in tea cups like it was coffee or cocoa but make it into a candle.

If I could do it again, I think the easiest thing to do would be to find some old brown candles and melt them. I, on the other hand bought wax and scented oil, and melted it. My genius idea was to add brown liquid  watercolor BUT that did not work!!

First I went to several thrift stores and picked up lots of old tea cups and saucers.
 I melted the wax and scented oil in a pot inside an electric frier filled with water
I used a paperclip to hold the wicks
then poured the melted wax in the cups

I bought the wicks in a small package at a craft store

I also bought some apple cinnamon scented oil

When they dreid, they weren't brown so I added brown crayons to the wax

and poured the crayon wax mixture on the top

 I just love how they turned out! It was SO easy and I can see turning the kid's pinch pot animals into CANDLES next year! I have already ordered the wicks!!


  1. thanks so much for this post. I've been learning to throw on the wheel and have a small box of cups that are a bit small for my taste and want to turn them into candles. You've motivated me to throw a solstice candle making party this afternoon. I'm on my way to buy the wicks right now.

  2. It looks very exciting, though, although I like to drink tea or coffee in a Cup. Although I was interested in or had your candle scented tea? If so, it's very cool. I recently read about the cool grade of tea on amanzitea and would like to get a fragrant candle with such a smell

  3. It is a good idea to create a similar spark on their own. After my candles apsley ended from them were beautiful and stylish cups. I took your advice and did something similar. It turned out very beautiful homemade candles that I often use at home

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