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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bull Dog Draw-a-Long

A few posts back I said I was going to write out the script for the bull dog Draw-a-long. These are the steps I use when doing it with the younger grades. As you can see they are very precise, which is important for every learner to be able to follow along and be successful. This lesson builds confidence because they are so EXCITED when they finished to see a dog that looks so realistic. The open ended background allows for SO much creativity to happen. This is a great drawing exercise for any grade level k-5th! 

Get your pen ready and HAVE FUN! 
I would LOOOOVEEEEEE to see your finished bulldogs to add to the bottom of this post!! Send them to 
Be sure to color ALL of your background!  :-) 

1. Begin with a line at the top with a little wrinkle. IT should be longer than your finger 

                    2. Then draw two diagonal lines about the same length as your finger

 3. Then draw two lines at the top. One long and one short

 4. Then connect the lines with a letter "V" and draw a small line from the head to the "V"

5. The begin the eyes close to the BOTTOM of the ears. NOT inside the forehead. First Draw a tiny rainbow, Papa circle (iris), Mama circle(pupil), and baby circle (reflection of light).

 6. shade in the mama circle (pupil) black and draw the "smiley" line under the eye

 7. draw a wrinkle like an upside down "T" right above the eyes (not under the eyes) and make a huge rainbow that touches BOTH eyes AND the wrinkle.

 8. Draw a "follow the leader line" right under the rainbow (very close to the rainbow)for a wrinkle. Then make the nose as big as the eye, starting with a sideways curly letter "C"

 9. draw the bottom of the nose like a letter "V" and a tiny line in the middle. 

10. Then draw a tiny line under the nose. Then draw a tiny letter "A" 

11. then make two tiny tiny rainbows under the "A"

12. Then make the "A" bigger and draw a "smiley" line for the bottom of the tongue

 13. now draw a line from the "A" downward  and back up towards his eye, and make a little smiley line.

 14. draw a "follow the leader line" from one smiley under the tongue and back to the other smiley to make the inside of his mouth

 15. now fill it in black and the tiny part of the letter "A". Also add the wrinkles above the eyes and on the forehead

 16. Now draw the outside of his face beginning back up at the original diagonal line we started with, all the way down, following the leader, under his lips, make a slight dip for his chin and back up the other side to the other diagonal line

17. Now make a dash line all the way around his neck

18. draw the spikes beginning in the middle and coming out through the open dashes

 19. now draw a line from half way up his head all the way down to the bottom of the paper on both sides for his body

 20. YAY You finished!! Now you can color him and create an interesting background using something you have learned this year! (fun letters, puzzles, one point perspective, checker boards, op art,fun fonts, graffiti, etc)

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