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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Clay Roses for Mother's Day

We made these roses with clay, but it could be done with Fimo or Sculpey, or any other kind of air dry clay in time for Mother's Day if you don't have a kiln! The kids LOVED this lesson and they turned out beautiful! I am going to draw out the steps for the bull dog draw along in my next post, thank you for your comments!

                                          make a caterpillar looking line descending from large to small circles

                                           start your roll with the smallest circle first
                                        keep the top very loose and pinch the bottom as you roll

                                                                            Add leaves
                                 many of my students made two in our 55 minute class period
                                              this student made a quincienera

                                   some kids didn't want to do Mother's Day sculptures, so they made creatures!

                                And this is my artist friend, Dali!! The student who made him is letting me keep it!

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