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Monday, November 25, 2013

TAEA Conference 2013

 This past week, I had the privilege to go to the Texas Art Educator Conference with my friend and fellow Art teacher from SBISD, Alyssa! It was a blast and we learned SO MUCH! We stayed at the Anatole Hilton in Dallas which was absolutely beautiful! There were huge statues and sculptures of elephants everywhere!

After a five hour drive and LOTS of coffee breaks, we finally made it to Dallas and were so excited! This guy looked like he could use an espresso break too!

 Here is a piece of the Berlin Wall !! There is SO much ART and cool things in this hotel!
 We walked through thousands of vendors and exhibits with goodies, make and take lessons, and so many cool products and ideas!! We made a piece of fused glass in this cool drop down kiln!

Here are some cool sculpture ideas from Mayco and Amaco glazes/clay
 I LOVE this cool clay treasure map!!! reminds me of Aly's maps over at 

This is Malcolm McCrae, an AWESOME air brush author, artist, and educational speaker! He let us make our own airbrush creations and inspired me to get one for my classroom. Did you know you could use watered down acrylic paint in those things?!? I cannot wait to get one so we can spice up our artwork backgrounds!  Check out his website for details on having him come to your school!!

This is a textured owl made from plates and metallic tempera and also these cardboard turtles covered with yarn from school specialty
Saturday we were so excited to meet Emmy Award winner, Mark Kissler. Do you remember the show, Secret Cities with  "Commander Mark"?!! It was one of my favorites as a kid!!

He has a great video and an online class! He taught us how to use the ELMO MO1 to create live or recorded videos of our lessons! He also offered us a great price for his book and video of over 300 lessons with creative draw-a-longs and online classes! Check it out if you are interested!
Draw 3D with Mark Kissler Video Lessons website

Graffiti Me App
One of my favorite workshops was about how this teacher used the "Graffiti Me" App to create these big bold self portraits! She just used the App to take a picture of her students. They made a bold background with bright colors on a poster board.

Then they used a projector to trace and paint their portraits 

 She was even able to get a gallery to open up for her to display all of their artwork for a big Art show of all 150 portraits!!

Here is some student artwork that is sure to inspire you!!

 This Bull was made of Thousands of Hole punched dots!!!

This workshop featured lots of ways to get creative with weaving! We really liked these clay looms!

 Conference 2013 was a big success and I cannot wait to implement some new ideas in my classroom!!!
Now time for a nap!!


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