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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Watercolor Family Paintings

Our 2nd Graders have been working on these beautiful Family Portraits. We have been talking about families, and it has been great to learn about all of my new students' special families! The students were encouraged to add details to each person that reflect their personalities, hobbies, special interests.

Here is a video about a special family and a very special family portrait! 

A great artist to study for this lesson is Carmen Lomas Garza. She is a narrative artist who creates paintings based on every day events in the lives of  Mexican Americans based on her experiences in Texas and California. 

Here are some of her paintings!

We used liquid watercolor for the sky and pan watercolors for the rest

 Students learned how to make the horizon line and overlap people to show perspective

HEre is a link to the watercolor paint I used with this project. I put it in muffin tins or ice cube trays!


  1. These are gorgeous and simply adorable!

  2. Can you imagine how happy these will make their parents when they receive them? Treasures!

  3. These are beautfiul. What kind of paper do you use? I have liquid watercolors but ours do not show up nearly as bright on the paper my school ordered. I am allowed to order more, but not sure what brand/kind to buy. Could you tell me what you use? Thanks, that'd be a HUGE help. Courtney at

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