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Monday, February 10, 2014

Art Rocks

We are doing SO many fun things in the Art room right now! Third grade has finished their Chinese New Year Horses and have started an Op Art Project along with fourth grade! Fourth is waiting for their clay hearts to be fired to paint. Fifth grade is working on some AMAZING surreal self portraits! I can not WAIT to post them. Kinder made giant Sponge Bobs with 100 spots for 100 Day and are now working on a project with overlapping!

Today our new class pet came to visit!

His name is "SoSo", named by my 5 year old because he is "So So Cute!"
He couldn't decide which color to use on his Valentine, so he dumped them out to get a better LOOK!! 

He got ALL spiffed up to meet the kids!!

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!


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