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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Cray Cray for Crayons

I usually prefer oil pastels over crayons, but have found a new love for these colorful and wonderful friends! 
Today as we watched these videos I was taken back to my first box of 64 crayons with the built in sharpener...can you smell them!?

Bunbun remembers when he first learned how to write his name using a crayon! It was a literary and visual masterpiece!

K-2nd have been learning overlapping, so we drew and overlapped crayons for 2 class periods until they had totally filled their page with overlapping crayons!

Then we made the smiling box! We started with the letters. Students drew the word Crayola very large across the top of the smiley, the drew a "follow the leader" line around the stick letters to make a bubble letter. Then we learned about value and colored each letter from light to dark using these three oil pastels

Then they glued the crayons on the back of a pre cut smile shape

 2nd Grade


These are some fun videos we watched today to get us excited about CRAYONS!!! 


  1. Cute lesson -and that little girl with the red bows on her pony tails - she is totally adorable!

    About that crayon smell - I read about a study that showed that the smell of crayons ranked in the top 20 of the most recognizable scents to American adults! So I thought I'd google it to find the study, and I found something crazy instead. Did you know that owners of Volkswagen Jettas complain that their cars smell like crayons? I found a ton of articles on this! Crazy, no? I guess it's from some wax costing used to inhibit rust!! The things we learn on the internet...

  2. I love love love this project. Thanks for sharing. You have the best ideas!

  3. When you taught this, how did you explain to draw the crayons. Some of them looked like they may have been traced. Did you make up a template for some kids to use?

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