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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ode to Oil Pastels

Oil Pastel, Oh Oil Pastel, sometimes you’re messy, but at least you never smell!
Crayons and markers are dull and flat, but you are so bright and are anything but THAT!
ART blog 150 2
You can transform a drawing from boring to bright, a colorful sunset in the darkest of night.3 space4
You make a BIG mess when you fall on the floor,
but its worth their proud smiles holding their masterpiece when they walk out the door!
You finish so bold, and make paintings look so fine
if they painted it sloppy don’t fret, just outline!!
Jazz2 4
I can teach analogous colors,
IMG_2493 4
1 2
blending, shading,
and light, 7 1
all with your colors, so smooth, bold, and bright!

Adding details with you makes anything smoother and better, if you were a chocolate, Dove might be sending you a letter!

With 28 hexagonally shaped colors, of every shade and hue,
the crayola box is my choice when I buy you.
I make the kids save every tiny piece like its gold, and when we run out, the vender better not back order or put me on hold!
If art was a show, you would be my Main Feature,
I just want you to know, that you are adored by this teacher!!


  1. Love this! Oil pastels are my favorite too! My students like to call them "painting crayons".

  2. Your poetry has put a huge smile on my face, and the associated artwork just screams gorgeous rich vibrant color. Each piece is worth commenting on independently. Beautiful, beautiful. BRAVO!! I don't know which is my favorite! I haven't used oil pastels enough this year; you've inspired me to get it going!!

  3. what a sweet compliment, Phyl! Thank you! So glad I inspired you! Your Matisse animals are magnifique'!! I love the animal print borders!

  4. I love your Ode and I to love oil pastels! This year I tried a different brand but I miss my crayola"s they last so much longer.

  5. Oil Pastels are my very favorite art material too. They are so pretty! : )


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