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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Warm/Cool Color Dog Paintings

Today third graders completed their Dog paintings. We looked at lots of colorful dog pictures and artwork like this painting below by Kaytee Esser, Blue Dog paintings by George Rodrigue, and many more….

We talked about the bright colors and how many of the images had mostly warm colors on the dog and cool colors in the background or the opposite. They drew their dogs and painted them with liquid watercolors.

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When the paintings were completed, we added details and outlined with oil pastels!

I did a similar lesson with fifth grade a few years ago. You can see them here:

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  1. these are SO full of life!!! i love the combination of paint with the oil pastel... it makes the images electric! are they watercolor or tempera? i'm definitely going to put this on my 'to teach' list! thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Thank you for the compliment! They were done with some watercolor and some tempera biggie cakes. Mostly watercolor. Then outlined with oil pastel

  3. These are really adorable, what size was the paper they worked on?

  4. Thank you! The paper was 9 by 18 I think. Whatever the size is of a regular size construction paper


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