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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bobcats with Chalk Pastels

We are talking about predators and drew these bobcats this week. We talk about all the parts of the face and how he has spots AND stripes. We looked at the white around his eyes, the football shaped pupils, and the fur on the tips of his ears. We watched the videos below to see real bobcats.


We looked at bobcat art!


In the first video you can see the bobcat is surrounded by feathers. We talked about how bobcats are a nuisance to farmers, killing their chickens, but that the farmer was going to set him free somewhere far away.

Each student could draw the bobcat however they wanted. Then we used the chalk pastels to color them. We talked about value and blending.



I just love how this student drew his hiding in the grass!


Love the big eyes!


I made this as an example after the student above drew his in the grass. I wanted kids to see that they could draw him from different perspectives and that their drawings don’t always have to fit on the page or be in the middle! If you would like a copy of the lesson plan, just shoot me an email





  1. I always love your animal art lessons. These are no exception. Love the big bold compositions and those great cat eyes! Funny enough I have plans to do domestic cats using Sharpie and chalk pastel.

  2. Thank you Mary!! I can't wait to see your cats!!

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