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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lines, Lines, and Fish Bowls Oh My!!

We are studying LINES right now and we started this project today. They are not done yet, but I just couldn’t wait! I will post some finished ones next week! We have done the crazy Hair Day project in the past but I thought this would be fun and the kids LOVED it!
They had a HUGE VARIETY of materials, paint, markers, colored pencils, stamps, crayons, and, oil pastels
art2011 301
Students had to make the lines OVERLAP by stopping and continuing on the other side when it crossed over.
art2011 275
art2011 279 art2011 298
art2011 295
art2011 300 
I can’t WAIT for them to finish! Their line ideas were AWESOME!
Kinder and first grade are making fish bowls
I got this idea on pinterest from this blog
Of course we put our own twist to it. It was a good way to get kinder painting and learning our procedures with paint and clean up! One kid suggested our fish have a castle, so some drew it with pastels and I cut some out to glue on.
art2011 254
1. glue bowl to paper
2. paint water LIGHT blue using the paint, dip in water THEN go to paper technique
3.paint rocks, and a plant
4. hand print sideways
5. decorate with oil pastels and paper scraps
art2011 253 copy
I got these really cool goobly eyes at Michaels in the Halloween craft section! They were purple, orange, and green
art2011 260_edited-1
art2011 305
art2011 251
art2011 308
art2011 247


  1. I really like both these projects. I especially love how expressive all of their fish are! Thanks for sharing great ideas.

  2. I love the lines project!!! What a great way to visualize that!

  3. I, too, love the lines!! Parents will adore them!

  4. What a unique and fun way to do lines with the kids... great idea thanks for sharing. Anna:)

  5. great line work- looks very creative! I would love to see the crazy hair day, that sounds like a lot of fun.

  6. I LOVE this as a lesson for lines! I'm stealing it (and of course linking to your blog when I do). : )

  7. Lovely!

    The blowing lines are so cute!!!
    The fish are great too!

  8. LOVE the lines project! thanks for sharing.

  9. BOTH of those projects are so cool...thanks for sharing them.

  10. Natalie, I love BOTH these projects. For the line project, did you shoot the photo and print it for each child? Did it take a lot of time to do? I believe I pinned this project because it seemed so original.

    Love the fish too - so adorable.

  11. These are incredible! Makes me wish I had the little guys instead of high schoolers!!

  12. What grade did you do that line project with? I would love to do this with my little ones... probably 1st grade! Adorable!

  13. What was the motivation you used for the line project? I tried this and started with A Bad Case of the Stripes. But, I think there could be a better motivator... I wish there was a book about a dragon... maybe we could piggyback upon that...

  14. I love these ideas. I'm doing the portrait line project now and my students love them! I think it's more personal to them because they have their photo on their artwork. Great project ideas, thanks for sharing :)

  15. We did the lines art activity in my Year 2 class today. Posted some pics on our blog.


    I was inspired by your wonderful line lesson and referenced you and this amazing blog. Thank you for sharing!

  17. LOVE this post! I will also doing this with a Grade 8 Art class, modifying a bit more for their higher level.

    check out my first teaching art post :)

  18. I love how this project combines imagination & experimentation with a guaranteed perfect result!

  19. Wonderful ideas. In our Grade 1 class we are building a model of our community. Part of the target for being successful was the students sharing their ideas, and listening to other's ideas. We saw the "line art" decided it will be a fantastic way to share part of the process artistically.

  20. What size are their personal pictures and what size of medium and what medium are they mounted on?


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