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Friday, September 9, 2011

Rain Puddle Prints!!


We are having a serious drought in Houston right now! Yesterday my room smelled like a BBQ pit all day from the smoke from brush fires north of the city burning tens of thousands of acres of land, houses, and everything in its path. There is a strict water ban rule that we can only water our lawns on certain days. The heat has caused lots of pipes to burst due to the dry ground and water is wasting out on the streets and making huge puddles. This is where this idea came into my head!

I played Milli Vanilli “Blame it on the Rain” while they worked!!! LOL


First cut the paper in half and cut one side into a large puddle!


On the other half, draw a city or neighborhood using lots of colors with crayola or watercolor markers filling the entire page (no white paper showing! )


Spray the puddle with water


Place the city on top lining up the straight part of the puddle with the BOTTOM OF THE BUILDINGS


This is the fold for the box…hot dog style first, then fold in “two doors" then lift the middle and glue the side flaps underneath to make the box


Take photos of students holding umbrella. One of my classes got creative and looked up to the sky and held their hand up like they were catching raindrops, and jumped and pretended to splash. I printed each student in black and white, and then they cut them self out with a tab on the bottom to fold back and glue onto their artwork.


students traced over the original drawing to make it clear again when it dried. Then they added sidewalks, ripples around the feet, street lights, and colored the umbrella when finished!



I will post more results when finished!


  1. What a great project born from such an awful situation!So creative. I love the puddles with reflections. I hope your weather changes and the fires are gotten under control soon.

  2. This a terrific idea!! I, too, hope your weather problems are solved SOON!!

  3. I absolutely love these...especially since you guys are doing rain dances all over Texas. Fantastic!!

  4. I featured your Rain Puddle Prints on my blog.

  5. Hi. I'm back again. Your project motivated me to get out my markers and try a quick version of making reflections. I went ahead and posted my somewhat feeble efforts and linked to your blog so others could see the possibilities. Thanks for sharing!!

  6. What a creative lesson--love it!

  7. Natalie, somehow I missed this lesson back when you posted it in September, but I just came across it on Pinterest and think it's FABULOUS. I'm going to pin it myself, and save it for a rainy springtime day. Perfecto! Can't say that I own any Milli Vanilli though...

  8. Really looking forward to trying these - what a great idea! (And here in the UK rain is a suitable theme any time of year!) Also thanks for sharing the box template - I've already used it with my class to make mini-rooms in the style of different artists. It was very helpful for them to be able to decorate the walls while they were still flat!

  9. These are wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing.

  10. Gorgeous idea, thanks for sharing!


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