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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Native American Indians

Every Year my school creates artwork for the annual Rodeo Art Exibition. This year we learned about Native American Indians.

Ok here’s a side note….Have you tried yet???? If you are an educator this is an awesome resource! You can make your own page of links for yourself or for your kids to use to go directly to a certain link by just clicking on a button that you design. You can also use a symbaloo someone else made on the subject you are teaching. My class recently got a set of IPad 2’s so I plan to use this with them for enrichment. I plan to make a symbaloo after this Indian project for the kids to learn a little more about the subject! Here is an example with lots of AWESOME ART LINKS!!! Check it out!!


We followed our portrait guidelines for the proportions of the face. The kids used lots of books and images for ideas on hair, clothing, and accessories. Of course if you know me I make a big deal about the eyes!! Black pupil, colored iris (shaded on top, light on the bottom) and reflection of light.


I told them to think about if they wanted to make a child, an adult or an older person. I showed them certain details to make them look old. This one looked like he was a warrior!!


They had the choice to draw with pencil or marker. And then we colored them with chalk pastels. We used black tempera paint for the hair.










And I’ll close with another random REDICULOUSLY adorable newborn (having nothing to do with Native American Indians) from my photoshoot yesterday…Enjoy!!



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