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Monday, October 12, 2015

Shrimp the Parrot Creative One Day project!

About once a month we do a project where we have an animal guest like Clover the tortoise, Shrimp the parrot, Bunbun the rabbit, or Chico the bunny.
We talk about the animal and I show them a simple way to draw it.
Then students create an imaginative composition with the only criteria being that it has our animal guest somewhere in the picture! I encourage them to fill the page and create an ORIGINAL idea...

This was the way I showed them how to draw the bird. They can modify it or just draw their own bird completely.
This is a one day activity, so they had to draw AND color in one class period. It was a challenge to use their time wisely and not worry so much about every detail being perfect.

I Just LOVE the creativity that happened in my room this week! My students had fun and came up with some fabulous Shrimpwork!

This weekend Shrimp has been painting with my daughter and offering his skillful hands for help and his cultured eye for critique!

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