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Monday, October 12, 2015

How to make a pipe cleaner Bunny (by Shelby)

My daughters have been making pipe cleaner animals all weekend. I posted about it yesterday with directions here

So I have a guest author who wanted to write this blog!!

Today my 5 year old wanted to make a video about how to make a bunny...she created a very good way of combining 2 pipe cleaners to make a bunny!


Next use the Sculpey clay to make the face, eyes, tail, and feet

You can use beads for the eyes.
Bake your clay parts on 275 for 15-20 minutes
then let an adult glue the pieces on your pipe cleaner animal. Or Tacky glue will work too.
When you are finished make a THOUSAND MORE!!
And build them a house!!

 And train your dragon how to carry them all!!!



  1. YOU ARE AMAZING. I am planning my Visual Arts programme for 2019 and I am totally inspired by the artwork that comes out of your art room. Your students are so engaged in the task at end. God Bless you. Thank youl


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