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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Fuzzy creatures! Crafting with Chennile stems and clay!!

This weekend we are celebrating the sending off of our artwork for our Art to Remember Fundraiser! I am so excited and will write a special blog all about it soon!

This weekend we celebrated our finished fundraiser with a trip to the craft store! My girls chose Sculpey clay and a BIG pack of assorted chenille stems. 
We were inspired by this cool blog with lots of cool fuzzy creature creations!

We folded them in to lizards, bears, bunnies, and dragons

then we crafted the faces and details with the clay, baked it on 275 for 15 minutes and then glued them on

 My daughters have been carrying around their fuzzy friends for two days! It was a fun project and I'm sure there will be lots more fuzzy friends in the next few days!

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