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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

App Highlight #1 IMotion

Last weekend as my kids plugged away at games on the Ipad I decided to try out some creative art Apps to get them using their brains!

I have decided that I will highlight a new App on my blog every week! 

This App is called IMotion and was VERY easy to use. My daughters are 5 and 7 and had no trouble creating movies by themselves with the app.
We stood the Ipad up with a stand and they created these videos. Soon my living room was full of props, stuffed animal characters, and backdrops! It was a blast to watch them be movie producers and create all kinds of creative movies! Please leave any App suggestions in the comments! Thanks!

You can also make videos of yourself doing art projects! Here is a stop motion animation of my daughter outlining a drawing that she made of Frida Kahlo!


  1. Interesting/ motivationla article to use creative app IMOTION, I donot have iphone :-( but surely look for android version, it would be helpful if app icon, interface included in article

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