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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Creative Inspiration

I am always saying that Art is an emergent curriculum in my class. This morning a student came in with the beautiful Fall leaves Poinsettia that you see below and a Fall leaves Christmas tree she had made at home. It immediately got the kids VERY excited and INSPIRED!!!

When they get this way, it means lesson plans go out the window and we direct the class towards the inspired ideas of the students! We went outside and collected handfuls of beautiful leaves and they went to town!! Everything in these artworks is made out of leaves with a few crayon embellishments

I don't usually do "Christmas" projects in November, but that is where their little creative minds lead them, so some of their artworks were adorned with holiday decor!


  1. it's all so pretty! i quite love, love, love seeing inspired children at work. thank you for sharing it all!

  2. So clever!!!! These are so beautiful and original. Great work!

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