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Friday, November 16, 2012

Pop Up Turkey Card

I made a template for this project so that we could do it in one day. I am not a fan of templates unless we are time crunched

most of the kids used oil pastels to outline and then smear into the middle for value
first you color and cut out the turkey. Then fold it in half
fold up the little flaps
put glue only on the flaps and line up the fold of the turkey with the fold of the card and stick him in the middle
We used a half of a painted piece of paper for the feathers. We folded them in an accordian fold and cut the top so it was rounded like feathers
Then place the feathers all folded with glue on both ends  inside the card while it is half closed and close the card tight so the feathers stick  

like this
then they will fan out when you open it
kids drew the blue willow china around the turkey, with oil pastel and then smudged it with their finger


some students made their own feathers with white paper, oil pastels, crayons and texture plates. They were SO creative!

this is a "DJ" turkey

I love how this student put peas and carrots on her plate

And I will close with another gynastics accident inspired artwork!! Hello Kitty

Looking forward to next week when we study the artwork of New Orleans!!! See some of our past New Orleans inspired artwork here and here!


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