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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Lego Group Whole School Mural

Every Year we try to do some sort of All School mural in the beginning of the year. This year we did a Lego theme. Each student made a lego self portrait. The fifth graders made giant Legos, and decorations for the background. Some of the teachers made one and the students have had so much fun looking for them. 

 I gave them all this template, but they could cut off the arms and legs to reposition them as they wished. They used markers, crayons, fabric and paper scraps to decorate them.

You can see the PE teacher with fabulous sparkly shirt, sparkly shoes, and there were some cool shiny pants but someone swiped them! YIKES!


  1. I'm in love. I'm usually very anti-template, but for this, I make an exception. Who doesn't love Legos? My adult son and friend will still build with them staying overnight at our Adirondack cabin in the wintertime (there's no TV, no wifi)! So I think this idea is absolutely charming. Definitely one to pin!

  2. I agree with Phyl
    Perfect group art project. We are about 20 minutes from LEGOLAND and I think all the kids have visited there.

  3. Thank you Natalie. I'm with Phyl. I am anti templates, but this is appropriate. I could have every child add to the mix on their first day back in the art room for 2014.

  4. Well post and this article tell us how to make craft for school kids thanks for share it nursing capstone projects .

  5. Pretty projects and great idea,Thank you for the tutorial and for sharing !


  6. Getting ready to start this project with my K-8th graders tomorrow! We have done school wide murals the last 2 years and Legos will be our theme this year! Thank you for the inspiration :)


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