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Friday, November 2, 2012

Super Simple Step by Step Sugar Skulls Drawing

Dia De Los Muertos is a holiday celebrated in Mexico TODAY! Nov 2nd! It is special to me because a large majority of our kids are either from or have family from Mexico. Many of them tell me about their families celebrating this holiday. I want them to know the skull can be something beautiful and not scary (Halloween) . The sugar skulls are so fun and I have a huge sweet tooth!! I like the idea of remembering the loved ones who are so dear to us, who have passed away. One way they celebrate is by cooking the favorite food of a special person who has passed away. I want to make Jamaican patties this weekend to remember my grandmother who lived in Jamaica as a missionary. My mother spent most of her childhood there and there are so many beautiful memories that I love to hear about. I love the thought of a special day to talk about and remember my grandparents who are in heaven now.

Here is a simple step by step I used with the young ones today to draw sugar skulls!

cool link to Dia De Los Muertos
A pile of groovy sugar skulls, decorated by Thaneeya McArdle

we used oil pastels around the edges to give it value!

Mona celebrates too!


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