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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Finish the Picture Drawings

I tried to get the kids to pick a symmetrical picture for this, so they could finish the other side the same. However, the kids just sort of found images that they liked and I figured it would make more sense just to let them pick an image that inspired them, finish it, and add an interesting background. We talked about trying to match the colors the best they could even if it meant mixing a few colors until they got the correct tone! The results were fantastic! I did this with 3rd, 4th, and 5th
I reminded them that the distance between two eyes is the same as the length of your eye. 


  1. Love this project! I had to do it in high school in my Advertising and Design class. It can work at so many levels! I want to do this project with my kids using a landscape picture with animals later in the school year. Probably with my 5th graders who are learning color theory so they will better understand how to blend the color pencils together better.

  2. Hi there! Just wondering....did you let them see the other half of the picture or did you have them use their imaginations? Thanks!
    Danielle @

    1. thats a good question, I did let them see the other side, but most of them didn't use it to draw. I wanted them to come up with their own creative background. Alot of them gave the other side to a friend and both drew the same picture because the image was so popular!I asked them to save the other side though, so I could give it to someone else in another class if no one wanted it, simply because the nice big pictures were so few.

  3. Oh my Gosh Natalie!- Those are wonderful!!! I am wondering how my 9th-12 students would do with this?? You are such a great art teacher!!!!!! Laura S.-SBISD

  4. What a great job by the age group... They have really set the bar high for High School students. Wonderful!

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